Figure Out A Way

If you really want to do something, you cannot rely on other people to do things for you.

You know what you want to accomplish, so go out and get after it.  As stated before, it requires BELIEF AND VISION at the start.

But there are plenty of obstacles on the way.  I just want to share a few that I find are common, and potential ways to attack it.

  1. Not enough time
    1. This comes down to prioritizing/scheduling your days.  You have your basic work/school/homework schedule.  If needed, put these things into something such as Google Calendar so you can get a visual of what your commitments are, then schedule in your workouts.  Sidenote:  make sure you sleep well and eat well.  This is something you should plan for as well.
  2. Not good competition around me
    1. Couple of things: First, challenge yourself.  Set a baseline of some type of skill and set a goal of where you want to be.  Master technique, and continue to build tempo and consistency.
  3. No Facilities
    1. Do what you can in the street, in the yard, or at a park.  Work on your craft, whatever that may be.
  4. No good coaches around
    1. Need to be your own coach.  Master the most basic fundamentals at a high tempo with consistency and build from there.  Email coaches you think that may be able to help.  Watch a lot of Youtube (but beware, there is some bad advice out there as well)
  5. The people around me are not good people.  I do not like my team.
    1. This can get tricky.  If it is an issue with your teammates, talk to them or a coach to try and resolve it.  Another option is to just block things out… at the end of the day, if none if that works, switch teams.  You want people that will accept you for who you are and will push you to be a better version of you.
  6. My coach does not like me/is a bad coach
    1. Again, this can get complicated.  Most often, I see this issue where coaches yell and scream without critiquing.  Try talking to the coach privately about how you want to get better, but feel the feedback given is not helping.  The coach may or may not change, but do try to have a good relationship.  If that does not help, there is a way to train your mind about this:
      1. Accept that the coach is going to make you feel bad.
      2. Build up the mental resilience to stay positive in a negative situation.
        1. In your own time, run through the typical script that makes you feel off or negative.  Imagine the sights, sounds, words said, and emotions felt. (Imagine)
        2. Bring yourself into Awareness of these emotions.  Everyone has them. (Stay in the Moment)
        3. Commit to your core values/goals: e.g. staying confident working hard, whatever that may be for you. (Refocus)
      3. Doing these things will help you deal with a lot of people in your life that you may or may not have the choice of being around.
  7. I have too much homework
    1. Again, comes down to scheduling your time.  You may have to choose to workout and do homework over hanging out with your friends.  Balance your time so you are able to do it all, but finish your priorities first.
  8. I am not good enough
    1. Do your research, work hard and work smart to get better.
  9. I do not know where to start to get better
    1. Watch film, ask coaches, do your research on how people got to the level you want to get to.
  10. I am injured
    1. Focus on your rehab, be around the people that are positive, and work on the things you can.
  11. I am not getting better
    1. Then you are not working hard enough, not working on the right things, or not putting in enough time.  3×1 hour per week will maintain.  4-6 you will improve.
  12. I will never be better than so-and-so.
    1. If you believe that to be the truth, then that is what will happen.  You need to believe you can before anything else.  Then challenge yourself with small goals along the way to get better.


At the end of the day, you need to put in the work, you need to find the answers.

But how?

There is no simple answer, but as a general construct, you need to do your research and experiment/play around with the things you learn.

Master the Fundamentals.  Increase tempo and consistency.


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