Effective Coaching

Read this article today and it had me thinking about what separates the good coaches from the great ones.


In the biggest takeaway from the article, ESPN talks about the presentation of Stevens to Gordon Hayward was a large factor in Hayward’s decision to re-join his college coach.  What did the coach do?  The coach laid out the framework about what Hayward currently does well (using film and analytics), how he would continue to develop him as a player, and how he would use him.

The coach had obviously done his homework on the player and had a vision for how he would continue to help him improve.  How many coaches can say they do that with every one of their players?  How many coaches are truly that dedicated to each player’s success?  If you want extraordinary results, that is what you need.

The communication between the coach, player, and yes, even parents about the ongoing developmental process.  People want to know that you are invested in their well-being and their future, that you are all in for bringing them to the best level possible.

As a coach, you need to have a vision individually for each player and collectively for the group, regarding their mental, physical, technical, and tactical development.  Every piece needs to fit, no time can be wasted, improvement must happen everyday, and you need to know what buttons to push with each person to achieve your end team goals.

If you do NOT know how to make the pieces fit, whether a player, coach, or sporting club, reach out to me, it is one of the things I love to do!

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