Not putting on muscle? Not achieving your performance or fitness goals? Consider these things

This article will be much more detailed with time to come.  However, I am currently finishing my dissertation looking at the Acute Effects of Exercise Order in Aerobic and Resistance on Fat Oxidation in a Fasted or Fed State.  Just wanted to summarize some information for the time being before I go into detail about the reasoning behind the bullet points written.

Summary of Article

  1. Need to problem shoot.  Do a 7 day diet diary and physical activity diary to see a typical week.  Make it a typical week; abnormal changes in activity or energy intake will just skew the results that need to be made.
  2. Assessment
    1. Basic: Macro/micronutrient intake, energy expenditure, sleep
    2. Advanced: RMR and VO2max assessment for metabolic issue; IGG food sensitivity screen for food sensitivities
  3. Adjustment possibilities:
    1. Increase carbs.  You may be in a consistently carb/fat depleted state.  Especially if you are young and/or extremely active.
    2. Increase your fat.  Your RMR may be burning carbs b/c of low fat availability
    3. Increase protein.  Increases protein synthesis rates.  Low protein intake = inability for muscle to repair after breaking down.
    4. Eat less.
      1. Especially sugar.  It can decrease your insulin sensitivity, requiring more of it to be released to control your blood sugar, which eventually leads to Type II Diabetes, which causes a whole range of metabolic issues!
    5. Sleep more.
    6. Work harder.  Or work smarter. Basically, an adjustment in training load.
    7. Fix your GI tract.  May not be absorbing nutrients, leading to fatigue/burnout/irritability.  Eat more natural, less processed foods.  Consume more prebiotic and probiotic foods.  May need to eliminate common trigger foods (gluten, dairy, eggs etc.).

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