Make A Name for Yourself

Ever since I started coaching and training athletes, when players go to tryout for a team or playing in an important tournament, there is a similar theme.

Be aggressive.

Make a name for yourself.

Get it done.

When I first met Pete Moore, my friend, colleague and mentor, this is something I would hear him say repeatedly to all his athletes.  And it resonated with me.

People ask me:  How do I get discovered?  How do I make people notice the talent I have?  How do I make the team?

Go all out on every play, every time.

This is your baseline.  This is where you start.  All other training aside, when you compete, you go all out, plain and simple.  Do not think.  Just go.

Especially if you want to move onto the next level.  It is that simple.

Train hard.  Play hard.

You will fail.  That is how you learn.

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